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PowerPoint formatting

PowerPoint formatting

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For content heavy presentations.

Learn how to transform static, content-heavy internal presentations and documents, research reports, leave-behind tools and reference materials.


A virtual, facilitator led workshop; ideal for material that has repetitive styles of content and need to be on-brand and designed professionally.

We cover the foundational knowledge set that will have you creating consistency and effectiveness throughout all your presentations and collateral.

  • Contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity
  • Shortcuts; using the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Shapes and resizing
  • Templates, layouts, placeholders and graphs 
  • Formatting, columns and text styles
  • Practice

    You must have your own PC desktop or laptop with power cords, mouse and working zoom platform. We will send you the details.


    Log on and say hi! Tech check at 8:45am- ready for a prompt start.

    9:00 am   - Training Commences

    11:45 am - Bathroom break

    12:00 pm - Training Commences

    12:40 pm - Interactive Q&A

    1:00 pm   - Training Concludes


    Our facilitator will send you an invite via our Zoom meetings service. You will receive further instructions on the course of the day upon registering, including a questionnaire and how to set up your work environment the workshop.


    Empower staff to communicate better in the workforce - increasing productivity, communication and efficiency.


    Upskill, present with more impact, improve your ability to utilise career opportunities within your organisation or elsewhere.


    Please contact training@presentationstudio.com