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Speaker Training Sydney

Public speaking

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Present to your audience with confidence.

Become a standing-ovation kind of speaker with one-on-one coaching or team workshops.


Perfect for beginners looking to increase their confidence, or seasoned professionals the who want to keep up to date with the latest techniques and build on their experience.

This workshop will ensure you maximise your impact when delivering any presentation, teaching you skills such as improving your understanding and use of tone, pitch and body language in your delivery.

  • Overcome nerves, engage your audience and present with confidence. 
  • Voice/breath management 
  • Exercises and drills for articulation to achieve a strong, centered and controlled voice. 
  • Learn to decode the tone of a script.
  • Master the art of phrasing. 
  • Learn engaging rhythm, authentic tone and learn the skills of defining ‘beats’
  • Convey messages through eye contact, gesture, posture and movement. 
  • Utilise space, props and environment. 
  • Learn to block movements and eyelines, and plan audience interaction.

    You must have your own PC laptop with power cords, mouse and working zoom platform. We will send you the details.​



    Log on and say hi! Tech check at 8:45am- ready for a prompt start.

    9:00 am   - Training Commences

    11:45 am - Bathroom break

    12:00 pm - Training Commences

    12:40 pm - Interactive Q&A

    1:00 pm   - Training Concludes


    Our facilitator will send you an invite via our Zoom meetings service. You will receive further instructions on the course of the day upon registering, including a questionnaire and how to set up your work environment for the workshop.


    Empower staff to communicate better in the workforce - increasing productivity, communication and efficiency.


    Upskill, present with more impact, improve your ability to utilise career opportunities within your organisation or elsewhere.


    Please contact training@presentationstudio.com

    Gabriella will be making contact with all participants for a short pre-workshop skype session.